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Thank you for being a part of all the amazing things we do at Calvary SB. In order to help us communicate better to our congregation we have set up this questionnaire for all event hosts to fill out. This is a good way for us to make sure we haven't left out any vital information. We want each event to succeed and have the greatest impact possible.

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Event Details

Before continuing, if you would like to use a room here at Calvary SB, you must first check the availability of the date/room you want. To do so, please get in touch with our Events Team at info@calvarysb.com or by calling the office at 805.730.1400.

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Event Description

Please make sure your event description is exactly worded to be copy/pasted into our ebulletin including all contact information that is relevant.


Creative Inspiration

Ideas, examples, & images for graphics that fit this event:


Every event that we receive is important. We know you are designing this event to "Share the Word and Reach the World" in a way that will bring glory to God and minister to many people. Because of all of the great events that our church does, we do have to limit the promotion of certain events.  We will let you know how we will be able to promote your submission  Please know that the chances of us promoting this event may be greater the sooner that you get information to us.

Please allow 4-6 weeks prior to your first announcement date to process your request. This will allow time to promote your event with the attention and quality it deserves.

We will contact you shortly to discuss further how we can support this event.


Media Team